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drain cleaning & camera inspections

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Ashbrook Plumbing & Heating provide drain cleaning and camera inspections for both residential and commercial properties in Calgary and surrounding areas. 

We use only the newest and advanced equipment on the market to ensure you are getting the best drain cleaning service provided.


Services Offered: 

  • Residential and commercial Drain and sewer cleaning

  • Residential and commercial Drain and sewer camera inspections

  • Restaurant drain servicing   

  • Clogged toilets

  • Urinals

  • Kitchen sinks

  • Tree roots

  • Clogged sinks

  • Floor drains

  • Preventative maintenance 

  • Emergency drain and sewer cleaning 

Drain Cleaning
camera inspections

How often should you get your drain cleaned and inspected?

We recommend to our clients and customers to get there drains cleaned and inspected when they come across some of the following.

  • Foul smells coming from drains caused grease or sewage build up in the drain line, P-trap getting sucked out by another drain.

  • Drains getting backed up caused by the drain line becoming restricted with roots, Paper towel, tampons and in some cases cement or grout.

  • Slow running drains or gurgling noise coming from the drain. could be caused by waste water is struggling to get past a restriction in the pipe and would require a drain inspection for better insight. 

  • In the spring when the frost is coming out of the ground, the frost can cause your sewer drain to freeze and become restricted and in some cases damage your pipes.

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